Thermal camouflage are materials and design considerations that hinder infrared detection.

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Thermal Camo
Thermal Optics (MBT, TD) Maintenance (AA) APFSDS-T Shell (IFV) Zoom Optics (MA) Canister Shell (MBT, TD) Reactive Armor (AA) Guided Missile (IFV) ATGM Launcher (MA)
Unlocked at

• 54800 MBT score
• 25000 AA score
• 60000 IFV score
• 5500 MA score
• 28000 TD score

Special Feature

• Protection from thermal imaging and spotting
• Active while in any seat of the vehicle

Vehicle type

• Main Battle Tank
• Mobile Anti-Air
• Infantry Fighting Vehicle
• Mobile Artillery Vehicle
• Tank Destroyer

Customization slot


Battlefield 3 Tank Guide - Thermal Camo03:21

Battlefield 3 Tank Guide - Thermal Camo

"Anti-reflective coating on your vehicle increases enemy locking and tracking difficulty and decreases the time you are revealed to the enemy from being spotted."
— Battlelog description

Thermal Camo is a ground vehicle specialization in Battlefield 3, the counterpart to Stealth for air vehicles. When equipped, a vehicle's thermal signature is reduced when viewing through Thermal Optics. The vehicle also becomes harder to track using guided missiles/shells, and if spotted, the mark will disappear sooner.

Vehicles using Thermal Camo have their "active spotted time" reduced by 66% and their "passive spotted time" reduced by 99%. Weapon lock takes 60% longer to achieve.

Thermal Camo does not completely prevent heatseeking weaponry from working—such vehicles are still vulnerable to attack.

Battlefield 4Editar

Thermal Camo
Vehicle type

Attack Boat
Mobile Anti-Air

Customization slot


Thermal Camo returns in Battlefield 4 as a vehicle upgrade.

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