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The DV-15 Interceptor is a fast patrol boat, designed for coastal patrol, and missions that require high speed interdiction in littoral waters. It is produced by Construction Mécanique de Normandie of France. The Interceptor DV-15 has been sold to the navies of Yemen, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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DV-15 Interceptor
Bf4 DV15
Vehicle passengers

• Driver
• 2 gunners
• 1 additional passenger
(4 total)

Vehicle armor

• Light (driver)
• None (passengers)

Special feature(s)

• Fast attack watercraft
• Carries two PWCs for egress

Main weapon

Remote-operated gun

Alternative weapon

ATGM Launcher
Burst Shell

2nd & 3rd passenger weapon

CS/LM12 Gatling gun

4th passenger weapon

Personal equipment


IR Smoke
Iron Fist

Vehicle speed

75 km/h (~ 40 knots)



The DV-15 Interceptor is a patrol boat featured in Battlefield 4. It was first introduced at E3 in the Battlefield 4: "Angry Sea" E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer and other gameplay videos on June 10, 2013. It is used by Tombstone squad to escape People's Liberation Army forces aboard the USS Titan in order to reach the USS Valkyrie. In multiplayer, it appears on the map Siege of Shanghai, among others. It appears as the Chinese and Russian equivalents of the American RCB-90.

The pilot is protected in the cabin, and alternates between two remote-operated weapon systems. The remaining crew are exposed on deck, with two passengers operating CS/LM12 mounted guns and the remaining passenger using his own gear.

The two gunners have roughly 75° of view on their respective side of the boat. The passenger has 360° of view, and can repair the boat with a Repair Tool if equipped. To repair, the passenger must target a small compartment beside them.

Like the RCB, the DV-15 carries jetskis at its stern.

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