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Chang during the interrogation of Irish and Recker

Battlefield 4: Countdown to War
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"You have no idea who you brought out of Shanghai, do you?"
— Chang to Irish in the prison

Admiral Chang (Chinese:张海军上将) is the main antagonist of Battlefield 4 and Countdown To War. He is mentioned in a phone call at the end of the Battlefield 4: "Fishing in Baku" Gameplay Reveal Trailer.


Chang is a high-ranking admiral in the Chinese military who planned to overthrow the current Chinese government. After Jin Jié, the future leader and voice for peace in China, is thought to be assassinated, Chang cancels elections for a new leader and declares martial law. This, in turn, causes both US and Russian navies to station themselves off the coast of China as political unrest increases and protests begin in Shanghai.[1]



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